Overview of Sovcombank

Russian universal bank

Sovcom is a Russian universal bank. Our main business activities are retail, corporate and investment banking.

Retail banking

With more than 2,418 offices, Sovcombank operates one of the largest retail distribution networks in Russia. Our distribution network consists of mainly lean cost-efficient mini-offices, the number of which we can easily adjust up or down in response to macroeconomic environment and consumer demand for bank products. Our Retail business is a provider of current accounts, savings, consumer loans and insurance products to pensioners and pre-retirement age customers in mainly rural towns and villages with the population of 5,000 to 100,000.

For customers seeking to borrow, our Retail is a major provider of personal loans in Russia; and we provide more than 100,000 loans a month. For those looking to save, we are one of the largest private sector savings provider in Russia. Customers can also buy in our offices life insurance and bancassurance products.

Corporate and investment banking

Our Corporate and investment banking business offers financial services to a wide range of clients, including large corporate clients, Russian regional governments and financial institutions. Investment banking focuses predominantly on debt capital markets (originates, syndicates and underwrites corporate and sub-sovereign debt).


Our traditional “brick and mortar” SME business focuses on provision of a range of financial services to small and medium-sized enterprises. In particular, this business specialises on an innovative provision of on-line bank guarantees and loans to companies supplying goods and services to the State-owned companies in Russia.

Quick facts

  • 11,480 employees
  • 3,2 million customers
  • 2,418 branches
  • 4,119 ATMs
  • Present in 1,031 towns and villages across 74 Russian regions
  • Sovcombank is rated BB- (forecast: “Positive”) by Fitch, BB- (forecast: “stable”) by S&P and Ba3 by Moody's (forecast: “stable”)
  • CEO: Dmitry Gusev