Sovcombank in numbers

Bank by RAS total assets

As of 30 June 2019. Significant opportunities to grow (1% - market share).


The largest retail network among privately-owned banks. The Bank operates an efficient nationwide retail network, through which it offers a full spectrum of products and services to mass population in 75 regions of Russia.


Mini-offices are the core of retail network. Cost-effective format allows to remain profitable and to compete with traditional offices of state-owned banks in regions.

Retail clients

The Bank offers its most popular financial products and services mainly to low and moderate income (LMI) clients in towns with a population of less than 100 thousand people.

Equity IFRS

The Bank's IFRS equity grew x29 since 2010. Expansion via organic growth and highly selected mergers and acquisitions.

Average IFRS ROE

For the period 2016 - 9m19. High and sustainable profitability through the entire economic cycle.

Average N1.1

For the period 31.12.14 – 31.06.19. The Bank operates at significant buffers of capital at all time in excess of regulatory requirements.

Retail loan portfolio

Growth in secured lending (mortgages and car loans). The quality, scale and diversification of the retail portfolio was significantly enhased in last 6 years due to highly selected acquisitions of assets and businesses.

Corporate loans and securities

Liquid and diversified assets. Portfolio includes loans to corporate customers and the corporate customers’ securities measured at amortized cost (320BN RUB) less allowance for loan impairment (7BN RUB), bonds portfolio (210BN RUB), investment securities, shares and derivatives (8BN RUB). The main borrowers are Top-400 largest corporations, public sector, small & medium enterprises.

Due to customers

High and continuously growing number of depositors. Low concentration of deposits. 60% of total deposits originates from granular sticky retail accounts.

Share of public procurement market

RTS-Tender is a digital platform that provides access for 0.5 million SMEs to public procurement auctions.

Halva cards issued

Since the launch of the project by 30 June 2019. There is a steady increase in issuance and a constantly growing number of shops-partners of the project (165 thousand as of 30 June 2019).